Credit Improvement

Find out how Lightbulb Credit can help you improve your company’s credit ratings

Why is credit improvement important?

Knowing how your business is rated is more important now than ever, and the ability to improve these in as little as 72 hours can be the difference between:

Improving the terms offered to your business by your suppliers

Your company’s ability to raise finance and the rates that you will pay

Tendering for work and being successful

How we helped a company improve their credit rating in 72 hours

In just 72 hours we improved our new client’s credit rating from 15/100 to 68/100. This allowed them to access the funding they required to support their growth plans at preferential rates.

In addition to the improved rating, we increased their recommended credit limit from £0 to £75k which not only improved supplier terms but additionally meant they were considered favourably for larger contracts

Our innovative solution is aimed at helping you understand and improve your business’s credit ratings. There can be a huge disparity between the different rating agencies‘ algorithms and the recommended credit limits.

Working with Lightbulb Credit to improve these can help your business in many ways.

We have several different credit improvement services. They range from “success fee” based proposals, where if we don’t improve your business’s trade credit ratings and/or recommended credit limits to or above a pre-agreed target, then you simply do not pay a penny.

Our bespoke services help companies and groups see the impact of their impending filings before they file their accounts. We can run scenarios past the key agencies to identify areas of concern or opportunity. Please book a call using this link to book a FREE consultation on this.

“As a logistics and relocation specialist we often tender for large contracts, we approached Lightbulb after becoming aware that our risk rating of “Moderate-High” with Dun & Bradstreet was well below the “Low-Moderate” rating required to be part of large tender bids. Lightbulb quickly investigated our profile with D&B and discovered that information they held on our company financials and group structure was out of date and that their records of our payment data were also inaccurate. The Lightbulb team advised us on the actions needed to turn this situation around and after presenting our up-to-date information to the analysts at D&B our risk rating was amended to “Low-Moderate”. The team at Lightbulb delivered the results they promised and enabled us to confidently bid for an important tender project knowing that our rating would no longer be an issue. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or use their services again in the future.”

David – CFO – Group of Logistics Companies

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“Our company was referred to Lightbulb Credit to help us improve our credit rating. Within no time at all we were contacted by James and Olek who promptly got working on making this happen. With regular updates and information needed from us, we quickly had some fantastic results. Throughout the whole process the team were reassuring and were prompt whenever contacted. 

We would highly recommend them as their service was faultless”

Michelle – Director – Residential & Commercial Electricians

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